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PC Speedup Tip: Delete Junk Files

A slow computer can be really annoying – you have to wait for ages to open a document, programs take a while to run, and even your browser keeps lagging and freezing. But your computer never used to be like that! So, why did it get so slow?

One of the main reasons for PC slowdowns are junk files. In this post we are going to explain what junk files are and how to delete them.

What are junk files?

Every time you open a file, run a piece of software, browser the Web or chat on Skype, your computer saves various temporary files. These files include temporary Internet files, browser cache and history, various system temp files and logs. They are called junk files because they don’t serve any purpose when they are kept for longer than necessary.

Why you should delete junk files

Junk files are not as harmless as they sound. They accumulate over time and you can end up having gigabytes of junk files. This means that tons of your valuable disk space will be occupied by something you don’t need. In addition to that, having too many junk files can significantly slow down your PC. That’s why it’s best to delete them before they damage your computer.

How to delete junk files

Deleting junk files is really easy – all you need is the right tool. You can always use Windows built-in disk cleaner (go to Start – Programs – Accessories – System Tools). But it’s a lot better to get a comprehensive system cleanup tool like FileCleaner. A tool like this one will not only delete junk files, but it will also repair the Windows registry, perform advanced system cleanup, and it can even be configured to delete junk files automatically.

Remember to remove junk files on a regular basis, at least once a month, and your computer will stay fast and stable.

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