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Disable Services to Get the Most Out of Windows


Everybody wants to have a fast computer. That’s why most people buy PCs with good specs and then tweak them to make them start faster, work quicker and perform better. There are a lot of things you can do to make your Windows PC faster. Here is a short list of the most common ways to increase Windows performance:

  • Run disk cleanup and delete temporary files
  • Defragment your hard drive
  • Disable unnecessary startup items (prevent software you don’t need from loading when Windows starts)
  • Clean the registry
  • Uninstall unused software

If you do all that at least once a month, your computer will become faster and stay that way. But if you want to squeeze every last drop out of your PC performance, there is one more thing you can do – disable some services.

Which Services Are Safe to Disable?

The first thing you should keep in mind when you decide to disable services is that not all services are safe to disable. In fact, most of them are needed by your operating system to function normally. This is especially true for Microsoft services. That’s why we don’t recommend disabling any services that say “developed by Microsoft”. However, there are some third-party services that are not only safe to disable, but will boost the performance of your Windows. If you use Windows 7, the list of ¬†built-in services your system runs is pretty much optimized – it’s the services used by your software that you should examine and decide whether to disable them or not. And if you are on Windows 8, then your services are pretty much optimal already. But no matter which “flavor” of Windows you use, disabling these services will help you boost performance of your computer:

  • Bluetooth support service (if you don’t connect any devices to your PC via Bluetooth)
  • Print spooler service (only if you don’t use a printer)
  • Remote registry – this will also improve the security of your PC
  • Remote desktop – if you don’t use it, disabling it will also improve security

How to Disable Windows Services

Disabling Windows services is not at all difficult. Simply click on the Start button, type services.msc in the Run box and hit Enter. The Services management window will appear. To disable a service, double-click on it and select Disabled from the dropdown menu.

If you don’t feel comfortable with disabling services manually, our Windows optimization tool will optimize them automatically. Simply run the Service Manager and select the profile that matches the way you use your computer. The program will do the rest.

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