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How To Remove Win7 Internet Security 2011 From Your Computer

What is Win7 Internet Security 2011?

This is a common malware infection that masquerades as an antivirus program but is actually fake. Win7 Internet Security 2011 has been designed to appear like a legitimate antivirus program, but it actually doesn?t do a thing to help your computer. Instead, it causes all kinds of problems with your system.

Win7 Internet Security 2011 will show up with false scans showing a number of infections on your computer, it will ask you for money to download upgrades to clean your PC, it will shut down a number of other Windows programs and generally bug the hell out of you, rendering your PC unworkable.

How to Remove Win7 Internet Security 2011

Win7 Internet Security 2011 needs to be removed from your computer as soon as you see it, because it will cause you all kinds of problems. It will corrupt files on your computer, steal your personal information and make working online virtually impossible.

Step 1 ? Download Frontline Rogue Remover

Download Frontline Rogue Remover

Win7 Internet Security 2011 cannot just be removed like that, you will need specialist software to help you in the removal process. One of the best programs is Frontline Rogue Remover, which works extremely well and can be downloaded for free.

Frontline Rogue Remover is specially designed to combat fake antivirus programs such as Win7 Internet Security 2011, and makes the whole process very easy to achieve with simple onscreen instructions. First of all it helps you to stop the malware programs on your computer from running, and then it will permanently remove it from your PC. Unfortunately you cannot use regular anti-malware software as it will be blocked from loading by the virus.

Step 2 ? Clean out the Registry

Download Frontline Registry Cleaner

While Frontline Rogue Remover will fix your PC, it will not delete every last trace of the virus. Win7 Internet Security 2011 is notorious for leaving behind traces of itself behind in your Windows registry. If these traces aren?t removed, it could return later. Therefore so you will need to delete every file that is linked to it.

Use a recommended registry cleaner to scan and clean your Windows registry, as this will delete all the files belonging to Win7 Internet Security 2011, stopping it from coming back at a later date.

What This Removal Process Does

Kills Processes

>  pw.exe

The first step is to stop the Win7 Internet Security 2011 program from running. Enter the Task Manager by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL, and then find the file listed above. Click on ?End Process? to stop this program running.

Removes Directories

> %UserProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\Win7 Internet Security 2011

> %Temp%\pw.exe

Win7 Internet Security 2011 will install itself on your computer, and so you will need to uninstall it by deleting the relevant files. Doing so will remove all trace of its existence, meaning that it won?t be able to come back to haunt you.

To find the files, look in ?My Computer? and find the files listed above. Once you have found them, select them and press SHIFT+DELETE to remove them. This way you delete them permanently. You don?t want to just send them to the Recycle Bin, as this could see them returning in the future.

Step 3 – Clean The Registry

You will want to stop Win7 Internet Security 2011 from ever coming back, and so you will need to clean the registry database. Malicious programs like Win7 Internet Security 2011 have a nasty habit of leaving entries and settings on the registry, and if left alone, they will attempt to rebuild the program even after you have deleted it.

By using a recommended registry cleaner, you will be able to clean up all of the files and settings left over in the registry permanently, leaving you free from Win7 Internet Security 2011 forever. This step is Highly Recommended if you don?t want to have more problems in future.

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