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How To Remove “HDD Rescue” From Your PC – HDD Rescue Removal

HDD Rescue

HDD Rescue is a fake antivirus program which has been created by hackers to try and trick you into buying the false upgrade to this software. It’s a scam which will continually perform a fake scan on your computer, and then load up all sorts of fake popups & adverts all with the intention of getting you to buy the worthless upgrade to the program. If you have this virus, you need to get rid of it as completely as possible – a process that can be achieved by using the steps outlined here:

What Is HDD Rescue?

HDD Rescue is the latest addition to a long line of fake computer defragmentation programs which have been installing themselves onto people’s computers. Despite looking like a legitimate program, it’s a scam and needs to be removed as quickly as possible to ensure the continued smooth operation of your PC. The typical sources of this infection include everything from a rogue download to fake email attachment – and will now have placed a large number of files onto your PC which it will use to load up the fake program. If you have this virus, the best way to remove it from your computer is to get rid of all the parts of the infection from your system, which can be done using the steps here:

How to Remove HDD Rescue

Naturally, you will want to rid yourself of this malicious program as quick as you can, but that is not always easy if you don?t know how. However, by following the easy steps below, you can rid yourself of HDD rescue quickly and easily.

Step 1 ? Download Frontline Rogue Remover

You will need to use a specialist malware removal program to help you get rid of HDD Rescue. One of the best free ones available is Frontline Rogue Remover.

This program has been built especially for removing programs like HDD Rescue and is very easy to use. It will show you exactly what you need to do to stop HDD Rescue from running, and then show you the steps you need to take to delete it completely.

Step 2 ? Clean out the Registry

The second necessary step is to clean out your Windows registry database. Unfortunately, Frontline Rogue Remover cannot delete every file that HDD Rescue leaves behind, and so there is a danger that it will come back later on if you don?t do this yourself.

A Windows registry cleaner is the best tool you can use to scan your registry and identify any corrupted or suspicious files that are linked to HDD Rescue. Once these files are deleted permanently, you are safe from any malicious programs returning.

What This Removal Process Does

Kills Processes

> [random].exe
> winsp1up.exe

Before removing the fake antivirus from your computer, you must stop it from running. This can be done by opening the Task Manager (CTRL+ALT+DEL), finding the above file and clicking on ?End Process?.

Removes Directories

> %Temp%/[random]
> %UserProfile%/Start Menu/Programs/HDD rescue

The second step to be taken is to uninstall the malicious files that have been installed on your hard drive. This needs to be done in order to remove any trace of HDD Rescue, otherwise it will come back before you know it.

You can locate these files by clicking on My Computer > Start Menu > Programs, and then searching for the files above. In order to delete them, rather than right clicking and sending them to the Recycle Bin, you should press the SHIFT and DELETE keys together, as this is the only way to delete them permanently.

Step 3 – Clean The Registry

We cannot stress the importance of doing so enough. The only way to stop HDD Rescue from returning is by scanning the registry with a recommended registry cleaner, which will then delete all of the files and entries made by the malware program. HDD Rescue leaves many files behind, which if not deleted permanently, will be able to reconstruct the fake antivirus program and reinstall it on your PC again. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND this step if you don?t want any problems in the future.

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