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How To Fix The KDCom.dll Error

The KDCom.dll (Dynamic Link Library) is a file that is used as a component of the Kernel of a computer. The Kernel is the central component of most operating systems, as it is a bridge that connects the application software to the hardware of a computer. The Kernel on its own just isn?t enough to process all the information so it works in collaboration with the KDCom.dll file.

What Causes The KDCom.dll Error?

If there is a problem or issue with this file or the Kernel then chances are it is a hardware related issue. When you install hardware on your computer the Kernel has to work with the KDCom.dll file to install the hardware but often you will find that the hardware will not install properly. This is because there is a problem with the hardware, either because the files are damaged, corrupt or infected.

How To Fix The KDCom.dll Error?

Step 1Use Any Anti-virus or Anti-Spyware To Scan Your Computer

It could be the case that you have a virus on your computer that has infected certain parts of your system, which result in errors such as KDCom.dll. It is recommended that you perform a virus scan of your entire system to see if it can sift out any nasty viruses that could be causing the problem.

Step 2 Clean Out The Registry

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Inside your computer is a virtual database called the Registry, and this database is where all important files and settings are kept such as the KDCom.dll because it is used to read and recognise hardware. This database is structured so it enables the computer to operate as fast as it can, however things such as viruses can change and alter the structure of the registry so files become corrupt and damaged. It is recommended that you perform a registry scan on your computer because it will be able to re-structure the registry if it has been altered and change it back to its preferred structure.

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