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How to Make Your Slow Browser Fast Again

Is your browser acting like a snail and even freezing and crashing on you? Don’t worry, it should be easy enough to fix.

Why is my browser slow?

Your browser can be slow for a number of reasons. Perhaps it’s not your browser that is slow, but your computer? Or perhaps you have too many browser plug-in and some of them crash all the time? Or it could be your super-bloated browser cache that’s slowing you down. And the most obvious reasons is a slow Internet connection. While there is little you can do to make your slow Internet faster, it’s really easy to deal with bloated cache, broken add-ons, and general browser cleanup.

Uninstall unneeded plug-ins

Browser extensions are great because they make it so easy and fun to do a ton of different things. But it’s easy to go over the top and install too many add-ons, toolbars and extensions. And the more there are, the slower your browser becomes. Add to that the fact that some plug-ins crash all the time, and you’ll understand why your browser refuses to cooperate.

To make your slow browser fast again, simply go to your browser settings, review your add-ons and toolbars, and uninstall (or simply disable) the ones you don’t need. And if you find add-ons that crash on a regular basis, get rid of them altogether.

Clean up the junk

Now that you’re done with your browser extensions, it’s time to continue with the cleanup process and get rid of all the browser junk you don’t actually see. I’m talking about temporary Internet files, cookies, your browsing history, your downloads history, and so on. All these file accumulate and can make your browser really slow. You can clean up browser cache directly from your browser settings or using an all-purpose system cleaner like RegAce.

Remember to cleanup your browser at least once a month. Doing that will help you keep it fast and avoid crashes.

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