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How to Uninstall Globally Installed Browser Extensions

uninstall ask toolbar

Is your browser hogged with extensions and add-ons that you don’t need, but can’t delete from your browser? This usually happens when a piece of software you install adds extensions globally (not just in your browser, but across your system). These globally installed add-ons include the dreaded Ask toolbar and numerous Java security updates. Luckily, it’s not too difficult to uninstall such extensions. Here is how.

Via the Control Panel

Well, if you can’t get rid of a piece of software (and a browser extension is a piece of software), then you should try uninstalling it via the Control Panel. If the extension you are trying to uninstall is not malware, then you should be able to find it either under Programs or under Programs and Features in the Control Panel. Simply click on it and then click on the Uninstall button. toolbar can be easily uninstalled this way.

Via Your Browser’s Folder

If you can’t find an extension in the Control Panel, you should look for its folder on your computer. To do that, you will need to open the root directory of your C: drive, find your browser folder (it will have your browser’s name, e.g. Chrome if you use Google Chrome). Typically it will be somewhere in LOCALAPPDATA. Then look for a folder called Extensions or Add-Ons. Find the folder that belongs to the extension you want to delete and simply delete it.

IMPORTANT: If you delete an extension this way, you will need to clean the registry when you are done. That’s because deleting the extension’s folder will only delete its files, but its settings will still be there, in the registry. This could lead to annoying system errors and browser problems.

Clean the Registry

No matter which way you chose to get rid of unwanted system-wide browser extensions, you will need to clean the registry after you remove it. Extensions like this, especially Ask Toolbar, leave tons of clutter in the Windows registry and can cause a lot of trouble even after they are technically gone. To clean up the registry, download our recommended Windows repair tool, install it and run a scan.

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