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How To Fix The Isres.dll Error

The Isres.dll file is what’s known as a Dynamic Link Library and this type of file acts like an instruction to your computer so it knows what to do under certain circumstances. The isres.dll file is used by InstallShield Resources, which was created by the InstallShield Software Corporation Inc. InstallShield is a software tool designed for creating installers or software packages. Many people have experienced this particular error when trying to install games or various software packages. Despite it’s appearance this particular error is very easy to fix because it is likely that the Isres.dll file is stored in your computer’s registry database and has experienced some minor problems.

What Causes The Isres.dll Error?

The Isres.dll file error is likely to have been caused by the file not being able to be read properly by your computer, or even the file being unable to open so it can take action. One of the reasons for this could be because the file that is located in your computer’s registry database has become damaged or corrupt and may have caused it to change it’s structure so this means that your computer is unable to read the file. This type of thing is likely to have been caused by an infection of some kind which has made this particular file change its structure.

How To Fix The Isres.dll Error

Step 1 – Uninstall The Program That Causes The Error

The first thing you should do is to uninstall the program/s that you think might be causing the Isres.dll error to appear. To do this follow these instructions:

  • Click Start,
  • Select control panel
  • Click Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features for Windows Vista or 7 users
  • Wait until the list of programs has loaded and proceed to uninstall them by following the wizard

Step 2 – Clean Out The Registry

This step is recommended because it give you a chance to re-structure your computer’s registry. The registry is a virtual database that holds very important information about software and programs that are installed on your computer and the database is structured in a certain way that it allows your computer to function as fast and as reliable as possible. However if for some reason the structure of the registry becomes altered or tampered with then your computer will experience a lot changes which won’t be good for the overall functionality of your computer. So it is important that you keep your computer in tip top condition and this includes the components that you cant see as well.

Step 3 – Re-install The Programs That Were Causing Problems

After you have used the registry cleaner to scan for any impurities, damaged or corrupt files, which will proceed to fix any damaged or corrupt files it finds you should then proceed to re-install the programs that you uninstalled in the first place.

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