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World of WarCraft Blue Screen Crash Fix

World of WarCraft is an award-winning online role playing experience that takes place in the stunningly visual WarCraft universe, popular with millions of users from across the globe. In WoW, players take on the role of their favorite WarCraft hero, embarking on a quest of adventure and exploration across the vast WarCraft world. WoW is an online multiplayer game which sees thousands of players interacting with each other, forming alliances and friendships to fight battles, or else fighting one another in bloody battles. A truly amazing game… When it doesn?t crash!

The big problem with WoW is that many players frequently experience seemingly random crashes. One of the most common problems faced is what?s called the ?Blue Screen Crash?, when the game crashes in the middle of game play and blue screen appears, causing big headaches for many people.

What Causes the Blue Screen Error?

When the blue screen appears this is almost always because there is a hardware failure or conflict within your system. Your computer automatically shuts down when this occurs in order to prevent your system getting damaged. There are several different blue screen errors that can occur, but most of happen due to similar reasons. The cause of these errors could be any of the following:

  • Files were damaged during installation
  • Files are corrupt
  • Files are missing or can?t be read
  • Registry errors

How to Fix the World of WarCraft Blue Screen Crash

Luckily for you there are a few steps that you can perform that will fix most of the blue screen errors that pop up. Follow these steps to get your World of WarCraft working properly again

Step 1 – Reinstall World of WarCraft

By reinstalling World of WarCraft, you will replace any of the damaged or corrupted files on your computer, meaning the game will run much more smoothly. It?s always a good idea to reinstall when you experience blue screen crash problems with any game as it helps to correct many potential problems.

  • Click ?Start > Control Panel > Add / Remove Programs?
  • Locate ?World of WarCraft?
  • Click ?Remove? next to the listing
  • Follow the uninstall process
  • Restart Your PC
  • Re-install the game from the original installation CD

Step 2 ? Update Windows

You need to keep your copy of Windows up to date so that your system runs smoothly. Windows finds it difficult to process a game?s information if it is out of date, as it needs the enhanced software to do this efficiently, especially with newer games like World of WarCraft. Windows is simple to update:

  • Click ?Start > All Programs > Windows Update?
  • Follow the onscreen instructions

Step 3 ? Update Device Drivers

According to Microsoft, this error is often due to bad or out of date device drivers. You need to make sure that all of your drivers are current, which means your graphics, sound, network drivers and any others on your system. A clean installation is recommended before you update, as each time you upgrade the old versions may leave files behind that can cause problems with the newly updated hardware. To uninstall your drivers:

  • Click Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs
  • Find and uninstall your drivers
  • Reinstall from original software

Once you have performed a clean install, you will need to visit the product?s website in order to download the latest update for it. Alternatively you can access the device manager and do this manually.

  • Click ?Start?
  • Right-Click ?My Computer? and select ?Properties?
  • Locate ?Device Manager?
  • Find the device you want to update and thenĀ right-click it
  • Select ?Update Driver?
  • This will update the driver to the latest version

Step 4 ? Clean the Registry

Another common cause of WoW blue screen problems is because your registry becomes corrupted or damaged. Your registry database is where all of your software files are stored. There are a huge number of files and settings stored in your registry, and this can cause Windows to skip past certain files or be unable to read them, which in turn leads to your WoW crashing during the game. To fix these problems, simply download a quality registry cleaning program and then scan your computer with it. This will clean up the database and fix many of your problems.

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