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StartCraft II Crashes – How To Resolve StartCraft 2 Crashes On Your Computer

StartCraft 2

Starcraft II (2) is easily one of the most advanced games ever released by Blizzard, and is continually being played by millions of people around the World. Addictive as this game is, it has a big problem in the form of the software continually causing a large number of problems & errors for your system. One of the biggest problems for this game is Starcraft 2 Crashing. This issue is a huge problem that prevents your computer from actually running the game – and will likely lead your PC to either just restart or show the desktop.

What Causes StarCraft II Crashes?

The crashes you’re seeing are going to be caused by a range of common issues that will prevent Windows computers from being properly able to run the game. The problems that you’re facing will be from the likes of the game not being installed properly, your program’s settings being damaged or Windows not having the right updates / features to help it run.

Here are the typical reasons why StarCraft II will crash:

  • Your game will not be installed correctly
  • Your Windows PC will have corrupted / damaged settings
  • Your version of Windows will be outdated

But however nasty this might sound, there?s no need to despair! By following our tutorial steps, you?ll be able to overcome all of these problems quickly and easily.

How to Fix Startcraft 2 Crash

Step 1 ? Reinstall StarCraft 2

The problem could be due to the fact that game files are damaged in some way. Therefore, the first thing you should try is uninstalling the game and reinstalling it again. This will wipe out all of the old (corrupted) files and hopefully make everything run perfectly again.

  • Click ?Start > Control Panel > Add / Remove Programs?
  • Locate ?StarCraft 2?
  • Click ?Remove Program?
  • Follow the instructions to remove the program
  • Restart Your computer
  • Re-install the game from the disk.

Step 2 ? Update Windows to the Latest Version

Another major cause of errors with PC games is with errors in your Windows software itself. If your version of Windows is out of date, this can cause it to have problems with reading the information on certain games, especially newly released ones. Follow these steps to update Windows:

  • Click ?Start > All Programs > Windows Update?
  • Follow the simple directions onscreen

Step 3 ? Scan your Disk with a Windows Registry Cleaner

One of the most beneficial fixes you can try is scanning your registry with a cleaning tool. Registry Cleaners are programs that you can use to scan your computer, fixing any registry database errors as it goes. Many games feature dozens of registry settings in their programming, and if these become damaged or corrupted then it will cause crashes or possibly even worse.

  • Download a recommended Registry cleaning tool
  • Install the cleaner on your PC
  • Run the Registry Cleaner
  • Follow the onscreen instructions

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