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How To Fix ?Spore? PC Game Crashes ? Working Fix For The Spore Application


Spore is a multi-genre single player computer game released for Windows and Macintosh operating systems.  Since 2008, such is its popularity that there have been many new editions of the game and it?s now being played by millions of gamers all over the world.  Unfortunately, the very sophisticated software used in Spore is experiencing problems which are causing it to run very slowly on Windows, spoiling the game for hundreds of users.  If you are experiencing sluggishness when you play this highly-engaging video game, you need to rectify some settings on your PC.  This tutorial will teach you how to resolve problems involving this game.

Why Does Spore Crash On Windows?

When Spore does not run as smoothly as it should be, it is probably because there are too many other programs running while you are playing the game, or the game having a series of other errors & problems preventing it from running correctly.  Here are some of the common problems that will lead Spore to crash on a Windows system:

  • Spore Does Not Have Sufficient “System Resources” To Run Correctly
  • Spore Cannot Read Its Settings In Order To Help It Run
  • Spore Has Some Sort Of Problem With Its Files & Options

The unreliability can also be an effect of game settings that are set to maximum consuming too much computer resources.  Also, issues surrounding Windows registry ? Damaged registry keys and lost settings etc can make your Spore game experience terribly slow.  You need to resolve issues on your computer to be able to speed up Spore on your PC. Do so by performing these simple procedures.

How To Fix Spore Crashes On Your PC

Step 1 ? Shut Down All Other Applications

Task Manger Closes Down Other Applications

Many users play the game while many other programs are running.  Running multiple applications at the same time splits memory allocation resources equally to all programs, which can eventually slow down your PC.  You need to close down competing programs to let the computer allot more resources to Spore.

To shut down all other applications, you should access Task Manager by pressing CTRL, ALT and DELETE from your keyboard simultaneously, and for Vista and Windows 7 systems, select ?Start Task Manager? from among the options.  Inside the Task Manager window, select the Processes tab.  From among the list of processes, select those that are not related to Spore and click the ?End Process? button to close them.

Step 2 ? Lower All The Game Settings

When users are engaged with playing the game, many are easily carried away by it and configure the game with the maximum settings.  Instead of improving the overall gaming experience, this can actually take up more computer resources than it can handle and can lead to problems.  To improve your gaming experience, you need to lower all the game settings to a level that is manageable by your system.  You should go to the Settings option of the game, locate the Video Options/Graphics Options and then set this to the next lower value until your game runs at a comfortable speed for you.

Step 3 ? Clean The Registry

If your gaming experience is affected by constant lagging in your computer, it is possible that the main cause is your Windows registry.  The registry is known to be a huge source of problems in your system, especially when registry entries become corrupted and damaged.  The registry is a central database that stores up all the settings that Windows need to run smoothly.  When your registry breaks down, your computer will not be able to perform tasks at the usual speed and can cause applications to operate very slowly.  To fix errors and resolve issues on your registry, you need to use a registry cleaner application that can perform thorough scans and accurately detect and fix damaged registry entries.

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