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3 Simple Tricks To Make “COD: Black Ops” Run Lightning Fast Even On A Slow PC

Call Of Duty Black Ops

You don’t need us to tell you how much of an exciting game Call Of Duty has become… but with it being such an advanced piece of software – many people are finding it difficult to play the program on their PC. If you’re experiencing Call Of Duty Black Ops running slowly, you need to be able to repair any of the problems which are causing this issue – a process which can be achieved by following the steps outlined in this new tutorial.

Can You Really Speed Up COD: Black Ops?

Yes. There are a number processes you can use to fix the Call Of Duty Black Ops software and make it run extremely fast. The basic steps to fix this program include the likes of lowering the settings demands the game uses, as well as making sure that you don’t have any other programs running. This tutorial is going to show you how to fix the problems you have.

How To Make COD: Black Ops Run Faster

Step 1 – Make Sure No Other Programs Are Running

The biggest problem for computers struggling to play COD: Black Ops is that you will have a number of other programs running whilst trying to play the game. With the way that computers work, you must understand that whenever you open a program, a series of “memory” allocations and graphics processing power is used to help load up the program. Your computer will only have a limited number of resources which are required to run software – meaning that if you have other software open, your PC will have to compete with these other programs in order to run COD.

You should close down any other programs that are running by using these steps:

  • Press CTRL + ALT + DELETE on your keyboard
  • Click onto “Processes” and then remove any of the programs that are not Call Of Duty

Step 2 – Lower All The Settings In The Game

It’s easy to get carried away and try to make all the game settings full when you try and play it… however, this will just cause a large number of problems with your system because it will have to take much longer to process all the advanced settings which it will be trying to use. You should log into the game and then click on the “Settings” option. In there, make all the “Video Options” / “Graphics ¬†Options” extremely low so that your PC can process them quickly.

Step 3 – Clean Out The Registry Of Your PC

The “registry” of your PC can be a big cause of problems with games that your PC may have. If you’re seeing that your game is running extremely slowly, you will need to be able to clean out any of the corrupted / damaged registry that your computer may have – a ¬†process which can be achieved by using a registry cleaner program. Not many people actually know this, but every Windows PC will use the “registry” to help it process all the settings and options which it requires to run. COD uses 1,000’s of registry settings, making it a highly important part of the system. It is often the case that registry settings will become damaged & difficult to read – leading your system to run much slower. To fix this problem, you should be able to download a registry cleaner from the Internet and use it to fix any of the problems that your PC has.

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