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Windows XP Boot Speedup ? How To Make Windows XP Boot Up Faster Again

XP Bootup

Windows XP is often the victim of several errors and other issues that can cause it to load up at a much slower pace that it should.  There is a host of potential problems that might be preventing the system from loading correctly.  It might be a new program you have just installed or a recent device driver update that makes Windows start sluggishly. You need to properly identify the specific cause of the slowdown, and then take steps to resolve the issue in order to speed up Windows XP again.  Learn how to do so in this tutorial.

Why Do Windows XP PC?s Boot Slow?

The most common causes for Windows XP to boot up slowly are the programs that start automatically when Windows loads; programs with damaged files, or damaged keys inside your registry.  Basically, your system encounters errors or does not find the correct files, options or settings that would normally enable it to boot properly. You should make sure that you fix any error that causes your system to slow down ? which can be accomplished by completing the steps below:

How To Fix Windows XP Slow Boot Speeds

Step 1 ?Uninstall The Programs You Don?t Use

To prevent Windows from loading too many programs during Startup, you should uninstall those programs that you don?t use anymore.  There are many programs, such as iTunes, that continually run in the background and take up resources because they are set to run when Windows starts, preventing your system from running as quick as it should be.  To uninstall programs, you should click Start> Control Panel> Add/Remove Programs and then select the program from the list and click the ?Remove? button.  Reboot your computer once you are finished removing programs you don?t use.

Step 2 ? Repair Any Damaged Files / DLL Settings Your PC May Have

You should also make sure that your system does not contain any damaged file or DLL settings that can cause your PC to boot slowly.  If there are error messages that appear that include the name of the file, you need to repair it.  To fix damaged files, you first need to stop the application from running by pressing CTRL + ALT + DELETE at the same time, select the Processes tab, choose the file and then click the ?end process? button.  You can then proceed to delete the damaged files.

Step 3 ? Use A Registry Cleaner

The ?registry? can be a huge source of errors on your system. Problems in this sector eventually prevent your operating system from loading at its normal speed.  The registry is a central database used by Windows to store information regarding the different options and settings that applications need to be loaded up.

Despite performing such a vital role in the system, the registry will oftentimes encounter errors as a result of the way Windows accesses and saves information in the registry (it is quite inefficient). You need to repair any registry issues if you want to speed up Windows XP startup.  To do so, it?s best to use a ?registry cleaner? that can thoroughly scan your system for errors and effectively fix them.

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