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Windows 1079 Error Fix Tutorial – How To Repair Error 1079

Windows 1079 Error is a problem associated with a range of activities that we can perform with our computers. Specifically, the error shows when you attempt to use any of these services – Event Manager, Remote Registry Event Log, Session Manager or Desktop Window Manager. You will know if the computer is experiencing the Repair Error 1079 because processes will slow down and an error message will appear. You need to understand the different troubleshooting measures to address the problems properly.  Error messages include:

  • Could not start the Remote Registry service on Local Computer.
  • Error 1079: The account specified for this service is different from the account specified for other services running in the same process.

What Causes Error 1079?

The main cause of the problem is when you try to access a Services applet when starting the Remote Registry Service. In some cases, the computer system loses the ability to support this activity and in turn it slows down and crashes. Processes are halted and in some cases, applications may also cease functioning. When you encounter this problem, there are several troubleshooting measures that you can apply. These are outlined in the succeeding sections.

How to Fix Error 1079

Step 1 ? Disable Services from Start-up in Safe Mode

The first step in addressing the issue is to restart the computer in Safe Mode. This is the diagnostic mode of the computer that allows it to run without using or accessing any third-party programs or other settings that can cause errors within the system. Services will be disabled in, allowing unhindered access to the workings of your PC. To start the computer in safe mode, follow these steps:

  • Restart the computer
  • Before Windows completely reboots press F8 repeatedly
  • Boot Options will be provided and you need to select the Safe Mode with Networking option
  • Go to Startup and then disable services.

For more help, it would be useful to refer to the Microsoft website on how to use Windows Safe Mode.

Step 2 – Repair Windows

You can also try repairing the operating system. To do this, Windows may need to be reinstalled again. Don?t worry though, as this is a very easy task. Simply use the Windows CD to launch the installation process. After everything has been reinstalled, you need to go to Control Panel, then Device Manager to check up on the drivers. See which drivers need to be reinstalled again and make sure this is done.

Step 3 ? Update Windows

Microsoft often releases updates for its series of software so it?s always a good idea to update Windows. Updating the operating system ensures that it is capable of supporting your files and applications properly. To do this, go to Start, click All Programs and then Windows Update. Download all the necessary updates and install them.

Step 4 ? Clean Out the Registry of Windows

Lastly, the computer?s registry should be cleaned. The registry is the heart of the computer, where all the components for your files are located. If this sector has problems, you can experience all kinds of errors in your system. Therefore, it should be cleaned from time to time to prevent any errors. Download a reliable registry cleaner program, install and open it to clean the registry. Make sure that you obtain a registry cleaner from a dependable source.

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