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What Are Windows Blue Screen Errors?

If you?re a Windows user then the chances are good that at some point in time you?ve experienced that incredibly frustrating shade of blue known as the ?Blue Screen of Death?. The BSoD is normally associated with Stop Errors and tends to occur more frequently in older systems than newer versions of Windows (though it does still occur). It can be incredibly frustrating, whatever you are doing. Whether you?re in the middle of playing a game or you were working on some project that is now irretrievably lost, there is simply no way to recover. On top of that, the BSoD is known to slow down your processor speed.

There are several different causes of the BSoD, which occurs when Windows detects problems with your hardware, software or drivers that will stop it from running as it should. There are all kinds of reasons why Windows might detect problems, but some of the most common involve:

  • Windows settings being changed
  • Damaged or corrupted files

How to Fix Windows Blue Screen Error

Despite the frustrations involved and the alarmingly common nature of blue screen errors, they are actually simple enough to fix in most cases. The worst thing you can do is, after experiencing your first blue screen error, simply reboot and hope it won?t happen again. The BSoD is a sign that something is wrong and needs fixing. Follow these steps to ensure it won?t happen to you again (for a while at least!)

Step 1 ? Use Windows to Check for a Fix

Following a blue screen crash, you can use Windows to check for the problem and a solution. This should always be the first step.

  • Click Start > Control Panel
  • Locate Problem Reports and Solutions, or alternatively click System and Maintenance > Problem Reports and Solutions
  • Locate the Tasks panel and click Check for New Solutions. This will make Windows check for any current problems and solutions to these problems (it may take a few minutes).
  • If you are in luck, a link or links may appear underneath Information About Other Problems or Solutions to Install. If so, click on the links displayed and follow the instructions to fix your computer.

Step 2 ? Reinstall the Program you were Using

The problem may well be associated with the software or program you were running at the time of the crash. If this happens more than once while running the same program then you can be fairly certain that the problem is with that program. The logical step is to remove the program and reinstall it again. This will overwrite any damaged or corrupted files, allowing it to work properly again.

  • Click ?Start > Control Panel > Add / Remove Programs?
  • Locate the program you were using.
  • Click ?Remove?
  • Follow the onscreen instructions
  • Restart Your PC
  • Re-install the program from the website or original disk.

Step 3 ? Update Graphics Card

Depending on where the problem is, the error could well be due to an out of date graphics card. You should make sure that your graphics card is updated to the latest version. Before doing so, we recommend you affect a clean install as these will help to clear up any old problems.

  • Click Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs
  • Find and uninstall your graphics card
  • Reinstall from original software

Now that you have reinstalled, you can update it by going to the website for the graphics card you own and follow the update instructions from there.

Step 4 ? Scan Your Windows Registry

One method that is always worth a try, and indeed can be very effective with fixing errors and corrupted files is to scan the Windows registry with an effective registry cleaner.

The Windows registry is a massive database that contains all the files relevant to all the programs on your computer. Because it?s so big, errors often occur. A registry clean up tool will scan this database and fix or remove any damaged files, allowing Windows to run much more effectively.

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