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Random Computer Shutdowns – How To Fix This Problem For Good


Random Computer Shutdowns are a big problem for millions of Windows computers around the World, and can be a huge pain if you’re continually experiencing the issue on your machine. Fortunately, this problem is only really caused by the way in which your computer is not able to perform its tasks thanks to a particular error / issue. To fix this, it’s vital that you’re able to use the steps outlined on this page, and resolve any of the issues that could be causing the issue to appear.

What Causes Random Computer Shutdowns?

Computer that shut down randomly are not normal. In fact, the problem you’re seeing if your PC will shut down randomly is most likely a problem caused by the “hardware” of your system. Windows is normally very good at letting you about any errors or problems that your computer may have through its comprehensive error reporting system – meaning that any software errors that your computer will have, will generally show when you’re using your computer.

If your PC actually shuts down, it could be caused by software problems, but it’s most likely a hardware issue which Windows has relatively little control over. The issues which can cause this include:

  • Overheating PC
  • Cables are damaged
  • Your System has errors with its settings
  • Your version of Windows is out of date

In order to make sure that your system does not have any problems leading the shutdowns to occur, its’ recommended that you repair any of the common problems that can cause these issues to begin with – a process that can be followed here:

How To Stop Random Shutdowns

Step 1 – Ensure Your PC Is Not OVERHEATING

The main reason why your computer will shut down is actually due to overheating. Think of your system as like a lightbulb, which is continually running hot when it’s on (that’s why computers have fans – to cool them down). If your PC runs too hot, because you’re either restricting its air access or overloading the system, it will overheat and just shut down.

This is the most common reason why the random shutdown problem occurs, and can be fixed very easily if you follow these steps:

If You Have A Desktop

  • Unscrew the screws for one side of the PC case
  • Remove one side of the case of your PC
  • Bring a “desk fan” to your system and position it pointing at the open case
  • Put the fan on and then try using your system again

If You Have A Laptop

  • Place the laptop on a totally flat surface, making sure there is a gap underneath the device
  • Bring a “desk fan” to your laptop and position it pointing at the device
  • Put the fan on and then try using your system again

This will basically allow your computer to run without overheating again, and should prevent any further shutdowns. If you still experience the problem after doing this, then you should proceed with the steps outlined below:

Step 2 – Update Windows

The next step to fix this error is to update Windows. This can be done by clicking ontoStart > All Programs > Windows Updateand will basically allow your computer to process all the important settings & options that it requires to run. This can be a good solution for the random shutdown problem, as Windows will often have a large number of issues that will prevent it from working correctly – which Microsoft will have duly repaired with their regular updates.

Step 3 – Only Use One Program At A Time

Another problem you’ll likely be facing is that you will be trying to use more programs than your PC can handle at once. This is a big problem as it will mean your PC will have to continually process more than one command at once. To solve this issue, you must always make sure that you only have one program open at once – which can be achieved by ensuring that you close down any other applications if you are using one particular piece of software.

Step 4 – Clean Out The “Registry” Of Your PC

One major cause of random computer shutdowns is thanks to the “registry” of your PC. The registry is a large database which all Windows computers use to help them remember the settings required to run, and will be used 1,000’s of times by your PC every time you use it. Although the registry is continually helping Windows to run much smoother, it’s continually becoming corrupted & damaged – leading a lot of different problems to occur.

There’s a possibility that the registry database of your PC will be damaged or corrupted – leading to the random shutdowns on your system. To fix this, you really need to make sure that this part of your PC is okay, as it can lead to a number of other possible problems as well. This can be done by downloading a registry cleaner from the link below and letting it clean out your PC. This will fix any of the issues your system may have.

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