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“Out Of Memory Line 11” Error Fix

Out of Memory Line 11 Error is quite a common error amongst gamers, but usually quite common with non-gamers too. The origin of this error is basically because the computer is trying so hard to keep everything running in perfect sync, but it is overloaded with programs and applications that are open on the desktop and so the computer can’t keep up with the requests.

What Causes The “Out of Memory Line 11” Error?

One of the main causes with this error is that the computer has ran out of memory, which is RAM not hard disk space. This is because the computer has too many programs or applications open on the desktop for the computer to handle. Another cause of this error is that there could be an issue within the programming in an application somewhere.

How To Fix The “Out Of Memory Line 11” Error

Step 1 – Close Down Any Unnecessary Applications

This type of error can usually be fixed by following some simple steps such as closing down all unwanted and unnecessary programs and applications. All of these take or memory, which slows the computer down and makes it harder to process information.

  • Open up the task manager by holding Ctrl+Alt+Delete.
  • Once the task manager has loaded up close down any unnecessary programs and processes.

Step 2 – Clean Out The Registry

The registry is also another cause of the Out of Memory Line 11 error. The “registry” is a large database for Windows, which stores all the important settings & functions that your computer will be using to run. The Out of Memory Line 11 error will often be caused by registry settings becoming damaged & corrupted, making it essential that you’re able to clean the possible problems this part of your PC has by using a reliable registry cleaner tool.¬†Cleaning the registry will ensure that all problematic files and faulty components get deleted out of the system. However, before proceeding with this method, a registry cleaner application must be downloaded. Choose wisely, and make sure the program you go with comes highly recommended by computer experts, as some registry cleaners are outdated and ineffective.

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