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NV4_Disp.dll Errors On Windows 7 ? How To Fix The NV4_Disp.dll Error On Your Windows 7 System

NV4_Disp.dll Error

NV4_Disp.dll is a file used by Nvidia for its graphics card drivers in maximizing the overall performance of the device.  The errors surrounding this file on Windows 7 systems make the file go into an infinite loop and the result is you will see the ?blue screen of death? appear, hampering your attempts to use the computer.  This is an extremely severe error that must be addressed as soon as it manifests itself. If you don?t take action right away, your computer could suffer irreparable damage.  Nvidia has released updates for this particular issue and this tutorial will help you resolve the error.

What Causes The NV4_Disp.dll Error?

The NV4_Disp.dll errors originate from a driver update released by Nvidia that causes some of the settings to be corrupted and produces many conflicts on your system.  Once you have experienced this error, your operating system will continually restart by itself and show the dreaded blue screen whenever it encounters the damaged file.

The specific cause of this error is that your NVidia graphics driver will be trying to load the “nv4_disp.dll” file in a continual loop. This means the file will continually be loaded, leading Windows to get confused and crash.

You need to be able to resolve the conflicts that confuse your operating system ? which can be done by performing the steps outlined below:

How To Fix The NV4_Disp.dll Error On Your PC

Step 1 ? Restart Into Safe Mode

The first thing you need to do to troubleshoot the PC is reboot your computer and use the diagnostics mode of Windows. This will prevent your computer from crashing while you are trying to affect the repairs. To login to Windows using Safe Mode, follow these steps:

  • Restart your computer.
  • During the boot process, press the ?F8? key repeatedly from your keyboard before Windows loads. Keep doing so until the ?Windows Advanced Options Menu? appears on your screen.
  • From among the list, select ?Safe Mode? using the arrow keys, and press ?Enter.?

Step 2 ? Re-Install The NVidia Driver

Since the main cause of the problem is the Nvidia display device driver, you should be able to repair the errors associated with it by re-installing it now you are in Safe Mode.  Here is what you should do:

  • Click Start> Control Panel> Add / Remove Programs.
  • From among the list, locate the NVidia graphics driver.
  • Click the ?Remove? or ?Uninstall? button (depends on your Windows version).
  • Follow the instructions on the removal process and wait for it to finish.
  • Restart your computer and re-enter Windows using Safe Mode.
  • Re-install the device driver by inserting the CD/DVD installer or run the installation file you have downloaded from the Internet.

This process should provide your system with a fresh copy of the device driver.

Step 3 ? Unregister NV4_Disp.dll

The best way to stop the NV4_Disp.dll errors is to unregister the file from your system, which will prevent your computer from being able to read the file.  To unregister the file, you need to use Windows Command Prompt.  Here?s how to do that:

  • Click Start> Run and then type ?cmd? on the dialogue box that appears.
  • Inside Command Prompt window, type ?regsvr32 /u C:\Windows\System32 \nv4_disp.dll? and press ?Enter? to unregister the file.

Step 4 ? Clean Out The Registry Of Windows

The ?registry? can also be the point of origin for the NV4_Disp.dll errors.  Windows uses the registry to store all the settings that programs like Nvidia use. Windows will access this registry whenever asked to run a specific program.

Due to the way Windows keeps on accessing and saving program settings inside this database, the registry keys inside it can easily become damaged or be ?lost? by Windows. When this happens, it leads to various errors that make your computer run much slower than it should, and sometimes it won?t be able to run some programs at all. This is when we get errors. To fix the damaged registry keys, you should use a ?registry cleaner? program that scans your PC and fixes all damaged andcorrupted settings inside it.

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