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Microsoft Excel 2010 Crash Fix

Microsoft Excel 2010 undoubtedly is one of the most useful Microsoft Office applications around.  With this program, users can easily create spreadsheets and even presentations.  Microsoft Excel 2010 would come particularly handy if you are an accountant, book keeper, statistician, inventory staff or student.  However, there has been a rash of reports lately about Microsoft Excel 2010 crashing when users try to run or exit the program.   The reasons as to why this happens vary from problems with the settings in your computer to your PC?s failure to read Excel correctly. This tutorial will teach you the various ways how to fix this computing issue.

What Causes MS Excel 2010 Crashes

There are two known major causes as to why Microsoft Excel 2010 crashes.  One is your computer?s inability to properly load the application and the other would be issues with the settings in your PC, in particular with Bluetooth. The way to resolve the problems you’re seeing is to first ensure that Microsoft Excel is working correctly, and then that you are able to run the Windows program to make it much more reliable & secure.

How To Fix The Microsoft Excel 2010 Crashes On Your PC

Step 1 ? Re-Install Microsoft Excel 2010

One way to rectify this type of computing problem is to reinstall MS Excel 2010 onto your system.  For proper re-installation of this application, just follow the steps outlined below:

  • Click on the Start button in your Windows Bar
  • Select the Control Panel option
  • Choose Add or Remove Programs
  • Locate MS Excel 2010 from a  list of programs that would be shown on your monitor
  • Remove the application by clicking on the uninstall tab
  • Reinstall a fresh copy back to your computer

Step 2  – Clean Out Any Viruses From Your System

Viruses are destructive files that can wreak serious havoc to your system.   Programs such as Microsoft Excel 2010 when infected with a virus or viruses can stall or even crash.  To clean out viruses in your PC, it is highly recommended that you use a good and dependable antivirus program, which is an application that is designed to scan and remove malware infections and similar threats in your system.

Step 3 ? Clean Out The Registry

The registry is one system sector that is notorious for causing a number of computing problems in PCs. Errors in the registry could cause applications such as MS Excel 2010 to stall or crash. The registry is a high traffic area and is where Windows would access processing information when attempting to load an application.  Its core job however is the safekeeping of all the settings and files that Windows uses for its operation.   Without the registry, many of your computer?s processes will malfunction or even stop. Unfortunately, errors occur frequently in this sector of your system due to the many flaws in its structural design.  To fix problems in your registry, you need to use a registry cleaner, which is an application that is specially designed to scan and repair errors in this sector of your PC.

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