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How To Stop Youtube Running Slow/Slow Buffering

Picture the scene – you want to watch that music video, the funny cat everyone’s laughing about, or even the latest episode of your favorite TV show… and low-and-behold, YouTube starts to load up really slowly. Slow YouTube loading, and video buffering is a big problem for millions of people who want to tune into various videos on the site, but cannot watch the videos they want. If you are unable to watch a YouTube video because it’s either running extremely slowly, or has buffering problems, then you need to repair the various errors that will typically be leading the problem to show. This tutorial is going to show you how to fix the problems you’re seeing for good.

What Causes YouTube To Run & Load Up Slowly?

Fortunately, YouTube will only take a long time to buffer because of a set number of problems on your PC. Typical issues that can cause the YouTube videos on your system to take longer to load include the likes of having a faulty Internet connection, damaged registry settings of your PC or some other problems that will prevent your computer from correctly loading & playing the YouTube video on your PC. To fix the problem you have, you can use the steps outlined in the tutorial below:

How To Speed Up YouTube

Step 1 – Re-install Flash Player

YouTube videos are all designed to run in Adobe “Flash Player”. ┬áThis is a highly popular program which has been created by the software development veterans “Adobe” to play interactive content online, and is consequently used by millions of websites around the World. Unfortunately, Flash Player can cause problems on your PC, leading to the likes of your system from being able to load up correctly. The first step to resolve this problem is to re-install the Flash player program on your computer, which can be done by:

  • Click Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs
  • Select Adobe Flash Player and Click “Uninstall”
  • Once uninstalled you should download Flash Player again
  • Re-install it again.

Step 2 – Re-install Your Web Browser

As with Flash Player, some of the files for your web browsers may have become damaged or corrupt preventing your computer from read them properly. it could be the case that YouTube videos will be loading slowly because your system will not be able to properly read the files required to run your Web Browser, making it vital you re-install the program to ensure it’s working correctly. To re-install your web browser you should again select it from the list in Add/Remove Programs and then once its successfully uninstalled, download and install it again.

Step 3 – Check Your Internet Connection

A big cause of slow YouTube video playback is down to slow, or damaged Internet connection. The problem you have is that each time you watch a YouTube video online, it will actually download the entire movie to the “Internet Cache” of your PC. With YouTube videos now ranging from 100mb to 2gb in size, this requires a high powered Internet connection on your system, which many people don’t have.

  • Click onto “
  • Check your connection speed
  • If it’s slower than what you’re paying for; or is below 500kb/s, then you should consult with your ISP to fix the problem

Step 4 – Repair The Registry

A common reason for YouTube to load up slowly is down to the “registry” of your PC. The registry is a central database for vital files & settings of Windows, which are used continually by Windows systems to help load up a number of different pieces of information for your system. Although the registry is a highly important part of all Windows systems, it’s continually causing a large number of problems due to it being saved incorrectly or becoming damaged. Registry errors can cause problems ranging from the likes of your system not being able to load up correctly, to running slower – and since the registry is used continually to help load up YouTube settings, and if there are any problems which will slow this down, it will cause YouTube to run slower. Fixing this error can be done by using a registry cleaner, that can be downloaded from the link below:

» Download Windows Repair Tool

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