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How To Stop Your PC From Shutting Down By Itself

Many people have reported this problem over the past few months, with people claiming that they have been using their laptop and all of a sudden it will just shut down on them for no reason or motive behind it. There maybe several explanations behind it, however issues like this aren’t as bad as it sounds. Issues like this are easy to fix and in this tutorial i will be showing you how you can resolve this problem.

What Causes Computers To Shut Down Automatically?

Common reasons why laptops or computers shut themselves down randomly can be because the computer is running to many software programs at once, or because the computer is overheating. Another common issue is because of a virus that has infected your computer, the virus itself downloads and embeds itself into your system. Outline below are the steps you can follow in order to resolve this issue.

How To Fix This Problem

Step 1 – Remove any Unwanted Applications

Firstly go through the list of programs that you have on your computer or laptop and see whether there are any unwanted/unnecessary programs or software that you can uninstall. This will inevitably speed up your pc, because you will be freeing up space allowing the computer to work harder and smoother.

Step 2 – Place A Fan Near Your PC To Prevent Overheating

The next step is to prevent your computer from overheating, this can easily be down by placing a fan near the computer or if you have a laptop try not to rest it on your lap for long periods of time as this will prevent the fans from bringing in fresh air and keeping it cool.

Step 3 – Scan Your PC With A Virus Scanner

Performing regular virus scans on your computer is essential because it minimizes the chances of your pc becoming infected with malicious software. To perform a virus scan please use the instructions provided by your anti-virus program.

Step 4 – Clean Out The Registry Of Windows

Finally it is highly recommended that you perform a registry scan of your entire system as this will seek out any impurities and imperfections that your pc may have that is preventing it from running to its full speed. The registry is the central database for every important file on your computer, such files include DLL (Dynamic Link Library), which are a set of instructions that tell the computer what to do under certain circumstances. Sometimes these files can become damaged or corrupt and this can result in your computer working harder, slower and performing more strenuous tasks because it cannot read vital files correctly.

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