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How To Stop Shockwave Flash From Crashing

Shockwave Error

Shockwave Flash is a web technology used for multimedia, web interactivity and ActionScript applications in the Adobe Flash proram. “ShockWave” is basically a really advanced version of the Adobe Flash player, and is generally used to help process 3D graphics online. Although Shockwave is used on millions of websites around the World, it’s continually causing a large number of problems for your PC. One of the biggest issues is that your web browser will actually crash because it will be unable to read the ShockWave application on your system. This tutorial is going to show you how to resolve Shockwave crash errors & problems.

What Causes Shockwave Flash Crashes?

Shockwave will crash for a number of reasons online, but mainly because of how your computer is unable to read the files that it needs to play the Shockwave movies online. Shockwave movies are extremely complicated for your system to play, and so it’s vital you have all the files and settings your computer requires to run the movies properly. The problems which are causing your error include the likes of:

  • Your web browser is out of date
  • Shockwave has some problems / errors inside
  • Your PC is unable to read a number of settings it needs to run

How To Fix Shockwave Flash Crashes

Step 1 – Restart Your PC & Run An Antivirus Scan

If this is the first time you have seen this error, you should first look to restart your PC and perhaps use a anti-virus scan to get rid of any potential problems that could be causing the error to show. Most of the time, Windows will either get confused or Shockwave will stop working for a random reason. Restarting your PC will allow your system to refresh all the files it needs, allowing your computer to run smoothly again.

Step 2 – Reinstall Shockwave On Your PC

If you still receive errors and find that Shockwave is continuing to crash, then the next thing you should do is to re-install Shockwave application itself. Doing this will mean Shockwave will have all new clean files and that are fresh. One of the reasons why it keeps crashing and you receive errors could be because some of the files have become damaged or corrupt and so the computer cannot read the files correctly and therefore result in errors and crashing.

Step 3 – Disable Plugins On Your Web Browsers

If you still experience the same issues then the next thing you should do is to remove or turn off any add-ons or plugins. Even though add-ons and plugins are a great way to personalize and improve your Internet browsing experience, they do a great job in clogging up your processor speed and can result in things taking even longer to load

Step 4 – Clean Out The Registry

One of the most common problems that can lead to Shockwave Flash crashes  is down to the “registry” of your PC becoming damaged or corrupted. This  is a central database of Windows which stores all the files, settings  and options that all your software uses to run. Chrome stores a  huge number of settings inside the registry database, and is continually  trying to load them all up whenever you attempt to use the program.  However, because so many registry files are required to run the  software, it’s often the problem that Windows will either be unable to  read the files that it needs or will just skip over many important  settings. You can resolve this problem by downloading and scanning with a  registry cleaner program. This should solve the problems you have for  good.

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