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How To Speed Up The ?Spore? Game On Your PC


Spore inarguably is one of the most popular PC video games to have hit the market to date.  However, it is a highly sophisticated piece of software and so quite a few users experience problems playing it on their computer.  If you find this gaming software loading or running slowly in your computer, you need to perform some troubleshooting procedures in your PC.  This tutorial will teach you the various ways on how to rectify slow-down problems experienced when playing this highly engaging video game in your computer.

Can You Really Speed Up Spore?

One of the most common complaints users have with Spore is that they notice the game is not running as fast as they thought it would, which significantly impacts their gaming experience.  It should be noted however that it is indeed possible to make the game run at a much faster pace by using a few simple techniques and procedures. Examples would be making sure that there are no other programs running in your PC and cleaning your registry.

How To Make Spore Run Faster

Step 1 ? Shut Down All Other Applications

Surprisingly, one of the most effective fixes for the problem is very obvious.  Many users play the game while other programs are running, which they may not know could slow down Spore significantly.  Remember that applications use up memory space when they are loaded on to a computer.  When you are running multiple applications in your PC, there is fierce competition for memory in your system.  Problems arise when your computer is not able to efficiently allocate the needed memory to applications that are running simultaneously in your system.   When this happens, Spore may run in your PC slower than you would want it. To rectify this problem, you need to close down competing applications in your system.  This can be done by following the steps:

The first thing that you must do when closing down programs in your computer is to press simultaneously the CTRL, ALT and DELETE keys on your PC?s keyboard.  Next, from the menu that appears select Processes.  Following this, remove applications that are not related to the game Spore.

Step 2 ? Lower All The Game Settings

Many of us get carried away and set all the game settings to maximum when we first play. However, instead of enhancing the gaming experience, this can actually cause problems, because the advanced settings use a lot more of the computer?s processing power, meaning it doesn?t have enough to go around and make sure everything runs smoothly. You should reduce the settings to a more manageable level. Go to the Settings option in the game, and then find the Video Options/Graphics Options and set this much lower. You should see the game play speed up significantly after doing this.

Step 3 ? Clean The Registry

If you are experiencing lags in your computer that you find are affecting your playing experience, you might want to look into your registry. The registry is a known source of errors in your system and failures and breakdowns occur often in this sector of your computer.  This is mainly a problem with flaws in its design which makes its files and system highly prone to errors.  When problems occur in your registry, your PC will not be able to run as fast as it should be and applications will not be loaded properly, resulting in the slowing down of your computer. To fix issues and errors in your registry, you need to use a registry cleaner, which is an application specially designed for this purpose.

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