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How To Speed Up Internet – 5 Steps

If your Internet connection is running slowly, you have to be able to speed it up by using various fixes to cure its issues. With the many recent innovations such as the different social media sites, online movies and the many resources found online, it?s no wonder that people get hooked on using the Internet.  However, the Internet experience gets extremely frustrating when you encounter a very slow connection which prevents you from doing the things that you want to do online.  You need to find out what keeps your Internet access slow and unresponsive.  This tutorial will help you fix the problem for good on your PC.

Why do Internet Connections Run Slow?

There are various reasons why Internet connections become slow, including:

  • Your computer will have a series of problems / errors
  • The “raw speed” of the Internet connection will be too slow
  • Your computer will have too many files to open

The most common causes are an outdated system, your PC does not have the correct settings required to run the different web browsers, too many programs running at the same time and your internet provider experiencing problems.  Slow internet connections can also be caused by too much junk files and registry problems, internet users need to repair these problems to be able to speed up their Internet speed? which can be performed by following the steps below:

How To Make Internet Connections Run Faster

Step 1 ? Check The Internet Speed

The primary cause of a slow connection is that your computer is not getting the full speed from your ISP (Internet Service Provider).  In order to find out if you are receiving the promised Internet bandwidth connection, go to  Check your Internet speed by following the on-screen instructions.  Contact your ISP if the results show results which are less than what your Internet plan should be providing.

Step 2 ? Only Run The One Program You Want To Use

When you are running multiple programs on the Internet, Windows will continually ?split? the connection speed between the running programs.  To speed up your Internet experience, you should close programs and run only the software that you want to use.  If you are running multiple browsers, you should close some of them and just use one.  This process will significantly increase your browsing speed.

Step 3 ? Uninstall Any Programs You Don?t Want

It is possible that the programs running in the ?background? of your system are taking up lots of resources and causing your Internet access to slow down.  It is essential that you remove all programs that you don?t want or use anymore.  To uninstall programs, do the following:

  • Click Start> Control Panel> Add/Remove Programs (for XP) or Programs and Features (for Vista and Win7)
  • Remove all the unwanted programs one by one by clicking ?Remove? or ?Uninstall.?
  • Reboot your computer when you are done removing programs.

Step 4 ? Remove History & Temp Files

Your web browser accumulates lots of temporary internet files which are stored in its history, these files will eventually take up a lot of memory.  In order to correct this problem, you need to remove all previous data that your computer has gathered from visiting websites.  Removing the unwanted files is browser dependent.  Here?s how to do this in Internet Explorer 5 and above:

  1. Launch Internet Explorer and click Tools> Internet Options.
  2. Inside the General Tab, at the middle of the window, click on Delete Files or the ?Delete…? button.
  3. Check all the boxes to include Temporary Internet Files, Cookies, History, etc.
  4. Click on OK or Delete and wait for the process to finish.
  5. Close the program.

For other browsers, please refer to their web support page to find out how to clear the history and temp files.

Step 5 ? Clean Out The Registry

The ?registry? is a big source of many of the errors on your PC including slow Internet connection speed.  Windows uses the registry to store all settings and options for all files and programs from your computer. The registry enables your system to be able to load and execute the files and programs.  However, the registry can sometimes encounter errors because of registry entries becoming damaged or corrupted as a result of being saved the wrong way.  You should resolve issues in the registry to fix the problems on your computer by using a ?registry cleaner? application to fix errors inside the registry.

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