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How To Fix The C00D11B1 Media Player Error On Windows Computers

Windows Media Player Error

The C00D11B1 error is caused by Windows Media Player not being able to correctly process a series of files relating to the codec of your system, or the files which the codec requires to run. Most people see this error when they try and “stream” a video / audio file from the Internet, and consequently are unable to use the application correctly.

The error which normally is caused by this problem is:

?Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file.?

What causes C00D11B1 Media Player Error?

Media Player Error code c00d11b1 usually occurs when you attempt to play something using the program. It can also happen if you try to stream something from the internet. The problem arises when something goes wrong with the codec used or when the codec for the file is the incorrect version. The same goes for streaming videos or music. Codecs usually become problematic when they have faulty components. In order to repair the problem, the trick is to identify the causes contributing to them. By targeting each issue, the problem may be solved.

How To Fix C00D11B1 Errors

Step 1 ? Re-Install Windows Media Player

One way to solve the problem is to simply reinstall the Windows Media Player. Reinstallation can help overwrite faulty components, including the corrupted codec. However, before the program can be reinstalled, it has to be removed first. There are two ways to do this: to remove the program using safe mode or to use a program that can help remove the player. The safe mode procedure involves restarting the computer and then pressing F8 when Windows is beginning to reboot.

  • Select Safe Mode from the menu and then press Enter.
  • Go to Start and then select Run.
  • Type the following in the run box: ?appwiz.cpl? and then press OK.
  • Select the Windows Media Player Program and then select Remover.

Follow the instructions provided and then restart the computer. Using a program to delete the application requires first finding a suitable program and following the instructions provided. Reinstall the application by following the instructions in the Microsoft website.

Step 2 ? Ensure The Proxy Settings For Windows Media Player Are Correct

Changing the proxy settings may also fix this problem. To do this, go to Control Panel and then select Tools. Check all the internet options and player options. Refer to the Microsoft website to see if the settings are correct. If they are wrong, you can use the Microsoft resource to set them correctly for better, hopefully error-free use of Windows Media Player.

Step 3 ? Disable The User Datagram Protocol (UDP) Of Windows Media Player

By disabling the User Datagram Protocol, this may remedy the problems you are having. This process is very tricky so it?s best for users to read up on UDP tutorials before attempting to do this. There are many tutorials online, including on Microsoft’s own website.

Step 4 ? Clean Out The Registry

Lastly, cleaning the registry often provides a good solution to c00d11b1 errors. Properly cleaning the registry helps to remove problematic components in the system, including the improper codec that is causing all of your hassles. Remember though, your files and programs may need back up or reinstallation before this done. To do this job properly, download a registry cleaner application online.

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