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How to Fix the Application Failed to Initialize Properly Error

Application failed to initialize error fix

Application errors are among the most common computer problems. They happen all the time and there are a lot of reasons why they happen. Here are some examples of application errors:

  • your browser crashes
  • you can’t install a piece of software
  • your game freezes
  • uninstalling a program doesn’t work
  • you get application failed to initialize errors

Application errors are caused by many things, from system glitches and incorrect installs to registry errors and hard drive problems.

The “application failed to initialize properly” error is one of the most common errors that occur when you are trying to launch a program. Instead of loading the program, Windows displays the error and the program you are opening can’t load. The most likely causes of this error are incorrect software installations and updates, and registry errors related to the application in question. They can also occur because of errors within the Windows operating system.

Fixing the Application Failed to Initialize error

The first thing you should do when you get the “application failed to initialize” error is reboot your computer. Sometimes the system experiences a glitch and doesn’t load everything it needs to run particular software. Rebooting often puts it right.

If restarting your computer doesn’t help, you’ll need to try to find a fix for the application that is causing the error. Check if you have the latest version of the application and go to the developer’s website to see if there is an important update. If there is, apply the update and see if the issue is resolved. If not, try uninstalling the application, downloading the latest version from the developer’s website and reinstalling it. If it’s a paid application that is causing the problem, make sure you have your license information for when you reinstall it.

The next thing to try is repairing your system with registry repair software. A good registry cleaner will find corrupted or missing entries and fix them for the applications that are causing problems. It won’t replace any files, but it will delete all outdated and corrupted information.

If nothing that we mention above helps, you should try doing a system restore. To do that, click on Start and go to ProgramsAccessoriesSystem Tools. Click on System Restore and follow the instructions to roll your system back to the time before the error started occurring.

If system restore doesn’t help either, you should try to repair your system. To do that, reboot your computer and keep pressing F8 to enter special boot mode. There use the arrow keys on your keyboards to select Repair Your Computer and press Enter to start the repair process. This should detect the problem and repair the corrupted or missing files.


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