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How To Fix Runtime Error 52 On a Windows PC

Runtime Error 52 on Windows systems indicates that there is a bad file name or number in your system, which is generally a program error.  Runtime error 52 usually appears in Microsoft Word documents that have enabled macros and were created using a different computer.  The errors are a result of problems in the macro commands settings in Visual Basic.  You need to resolve the issues surrounding the macros to be able to do away with the troublesome errors.  This tutorial will help you fix runtime error 52 on your Windows system easily.

What Causes Runtime Error 52?

  • “Runtime error 52: Bad File name or number.”

The error is primarily caused by an incorrect configuration of ?macro? commands in Visual Basic.  The error can also be caused by a faulty Microsoft Word program or by problems inside the registry.  You need to fix the error to resolve the problem ? which can be performed using the steps outlined below:

How To Fix Runtime Error 52

Step 1 ? Remove The Macro Settings From Your Document

The error is often caused by a macro setting from your document which can?t be handled by your version of Microsoft Word.  To prevent the error message from showing, remove the macro settings from the document.  It is better to start afresh with a new macro instead of trying to work around the document with error.  Follow these steps to work around the problem in MS Word 2003 version:

  1. On the menu, click Tools > Options > Security > Macro Security.
  2. On the Security Level tab, select ?Medium? and then click OK.
  3. Restart Word by clicking File > Exit which will close the program and open the document again.
  4. When Microsoft Word opens, you will be prompted to enable or disable macros and choose ?Disable.?

Step 2 ? Re-Install The Software Causing The Errors

The errors that appear on your screen can be caused by programs, wherein Windows is having problems reading its settings and files.  You will need to re-install any problem programs to provide fresh copies of the program files.  You need to remove the program first from your system by clicking Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs or (if using Vista or Windows 7) Programs and Features. Locate and select the program from the list and then click the ?Remove? or ?Uninstall? button.  Follow the uninstall wizard if the program has one.  Restart your PC after removing all the programs with errors.  Removing the programs will prevent the messages from appearing.

To re-install the program, just insert your CD/DVD installer again and run the installation file.

Step 3 ? Clean Out The Registry

The registry can cause many kinds of errors in your system, including the runtime error 52.  The registry serves as an important central repository for the settings of all the files and programs stored on your computer.  As you keep on using your computer, your registry accumulates errors due to the way Windows accesses and saves multiple registry entries at the same time, which often results in them getting damaged or corrupted.  While you can manually repair the registry errors, it is not advisable and can be a very tedious task.  You can fix registry errors by using a registry cleaner to automatically do the cleaning for you.

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