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How To Fix Alg.exe Error

Alg.exe, or Application Layer Gateway as it is also known, is an integral part of Windows as it is a core Windows file and plays an important role with the Windows Firewall. The purpose of the Alg.exe file is to offer support for third party applications, like the Windows Firewall, IM clients and Internet Connection Sharing (or ICS). As this executable file is necessary to the function of the computer, this file is kept in the C:\Windows\System32 folder.

What Is The Alg.exe Error?

The Alg.exe error is basically an error that occurs because the real Alg.exe file has either been damaged, corrupt or removed from your computer due to the presence of a virus such as a Trojan. These viruses will disguise the Alg.exe file running on your computer to attack the computer?s system and steal sensitive information. The reason for this is because the Alg.exe file runs in collaboration with some important parts of Windows.

How To Fix The Alg.exe Error

Step 1 ? Clean Your PC Using Anti-Spyware Tools

The first step of fixing the Alg.exe error is to clean your computer and remove all viruses that are causing these problems that you are experiencing. One of the most popular anti-spyware tools available is ?XoftSpy?. XoftSpy was created to specifically clean out your computer of any errors or issues that have infected your computer.

Step 2 ? Clean Out The Registry

As well infecting your computer some viruses will go directly into something called the ?Registry? which is the central database of the important files and where they are kept. The database is structured hierarchical and it is designed this way to enable the computer to run as fast as it can possibly go. However the viruses that have disguised the Alg.exe file will also ruin the structure of the registry and it will cause a number of problems and issues for your computer. Many problems and issues it will bring about are causing the computer to run extremely slow, and this is because every time we use a computer it continuously has to search through the registry for specific instructions in order to carry out the request we just made. However if the structure of the registry has been changed then it will take a lot longer for the computer to locate the necessary file and continue operating under normal circumstances.

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