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Error 1722 “There Is A Problem With Windows Installer Package” Fix

1722 Error

The Error 1722 occurs when Windows Installer cannot properly process the files / settings it requires to install a piece of software. When a user tries to install a program then the computer is at risk of having a problem with this error. This problem will also occur, when a program has not been installed successfully or not completely, then the computer. If the program was not added properly, Windows rolls back the installation process. Most of the time, this type of problem is connected with the MS Installer from Microsoft. It is also connected to a corrupted, out-dated, or damaged Windows Installer. When the computer comes across this problem, the following messages are displayed:

What Causes The 1722 Error?

This error will typically show in this format:

-?Error 1722. There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. Aprogram run as part of the setup did not finish as expected.Contact your support personnel or package vendor.?

-A system error has occurred: 1722

This problem is often caused by any type of software installation. However, it’s important to note that the likelihood of Error 1722 occurring is affected by the kind of software used. Simply put, the more complicated or sophisticated the program is the higher the likelihood of the error occurring. Thus, users should be extremely careful when adding complex programs into the system. Furthermore, improper methods can also contribute to this problem. Not following instructions with reference to the installation process can create issues within the system. Lastly, corruption or damage in any of the related components can also trigger the error.

How To Fix The 1722 Error On Windows

StepĀ  1 ? Completely Uninstall Any Current Versions Of The Software On Your System

In some cases, the programs installed or causing the problem can also be removed from the system. The program or programs can be determined easily because the error message usually comes out when they are processed. To do this, go to Start and then Control Panel and then select Add/Remove Programs. Some partially installed programs may be listed in here so it’s best to uninstall them. Select the program and choose “remove” or uninstall”. Follow instructions and restart the computer. In some instances, it may also be good to use software uninstaller software from the Internet.

Step 2 ? Use The Windows Installer Cleanup Utility

You can download Windows Installer Cleanup here

From the time it was introduced into the market, the Windows Installer Cleanup is one of the most recommended programs in addressing installation problems. This utility will only remove the installation files and not the entire program. Thus, users have the option to start the process all over again without experiencing any hassle.

Step 3 ? Clean Out The Registry

Another way to solve the problem is to clean the computer’s registry. The registry contains all the components used in the system. If the registry is cleaned, it’s likely that problematic components will be deleted from the system. However, before the computer’s registry can be cleaned, a registry cleaner application should be downloaded. Make sure to download a program from a reliable source. Install the application and follow instructions on how to use it.

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