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?DirectX Encountered An UnRecoverable Error? Fix Tutorial ? How To Repair Directx Problems On Your PC

DirectX is a collection of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that handle multimedia related tasks – most especially video and games programming for systems with Microsoft platforms.  DirectX needs to be loaded in your system if you want to play many kinds of multimedia, but it can easily become corrupted or damaged and this will prevent you from playing a game or loading a program properly.  You need to identify the cause of the errors and resolve them to be able to get rid of the problems on your PC.  This tutorial will enable you to fix DirectX.

What Causes ?DirectX Encountered An UnRecoverable Error? Problems?

When you encounter an unrecoverable error with DirectX, it normally appears like this:

  • “DirectX has encountered an unrecoverable error. Please check DirectX Help document for possible details.”

The error typically occurs as a result of incorrect software settings or damaged Windows files.  There are many programs that are dependent on the stability of DirectX in order to load up correctly and run without errors.  When DirectX files become unreadable, the unrecoverable errors can easily show up and prevent you from proceeding with the application that you are trying to use.  DirectX issues can be resolved by applying the steps listed below:

How To Fix DirectX Unrecoverable Errors

Step 1 ? Install The Latest Version of DirectX

DirectX is a part of Windows that cannot be removed.  Instead, you can update your DirectX version to the latest one for your PC.  A lot of programs configured to run optimally on the latest version of DirectX.  You can obtain the latest version by simply doing a quick Google search and downloading it. You can download it from here.

Step 2 ? Re-Install Any Corrupted Programs / Applications

There are instances wherein the errors actually originate from the programs that are accessing DirectX, rather than DirectX itself.  When you notice a certain application seems to cause the DirectX error messages to appear every time you use it, you should re-install that program in order to obtain ?clean? files for it.  To re-install programs in your PC, you need to remove the program first by clicking Start> Control Panel> Add/Remove Programs and select that program from among the list of your programs. Click on the ?Remove? tab. Afterwards, you should reboot the PC.

After you are logged back in to Windows, re-install the application by inserting the CD installer into your optical drive or run the file installer from your hard drive.

Step 3 ? Clean Out The Registry

The ?registry? could also be the origin of DirectX unrecoverable errors on your PC.  Windows? registry is a central database used to hold information about all of the file and program settings that are required for Windows to work properly. Sometimes, errors in the registry keys are caused by the constant access and re-saving of those registry keys, which results in damage that can affect the running of certain programs and applications.  Even though the registry is a prominent component in your system, it does seem to be quite vulnerable to breaking down. If you suspect your registry is suffering from registry key corruption, you need to scan it and repair it. To fix registry problems, you should use a registry cleaner that performs thorough system scans and resolves issues inside the registry.

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