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1603 Installation Error Fix For Windows

1603 Error

The 1603 error is a common problem that’s caused by the “Installation” settings of your PC not working correctly. The issue is generally caused by the way in which your system will not be able to correctly process the installation package, and will therefore be unable to read the parts of your system which are required to run. We’ve found that in order to fix this error, you need to be able to cure any of the potential problems that could be causing it – a process that can be done by using the steps outlined on this page.

What Causes The 1603 Error?

This error will typically show in this format:

  • Error 1603: A fatal error occurred during installation.

The way to resolve the problem you’re seeing is to first ensure that Windows Installer is working correctly, and then that you have all the correct settings & options on your computer. To do this, you can use the steps here:

How To Fix The 1603 Error On Your PC

Step 1 – Use The “Windows Installer CleanUp Utility

The “Windows Installer Cleanup Utility” is a piece of software that’s been designed by Microsoft to help repair any possible problems that Windows Installer may have. You can use this program to fix any of the potential issues that could be on your computer – allowing you to resolve many of the errors & problems that your system may have. To fix the problems you’re seeing, its’ recommended you download the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility here, and then use the program to fix the problems you may have on your PC.

Step 2 – Ensure You Are Installing The Program To A Non-Encrypted Folder

The “Windows Installer” program cannot install software into non-encrypted folders, meaning that if you are trying to install into such a folder, errors such as the 1603 problem will show up. To fix this, it’s recommended that you make sure that you are installing the application into a non-encrypted folder – which can be simply done by ensuring your PC is able to install into a particular hard drive / folder.

Step 3 – Make Sure You Are Installing To An Actual Hard Drive

The way to fix this error is to then make sure that you’re installing the program onto an actual hard drive. Many people will actually try and install programs on “substitute” (virtual) drives, which will not only confuse Windows but make it unable to process the settings that it requires to run. To fix this issue, it’s recommended that you make 100% sure that you are installing the program onto an actual hard drive on your PC, and not a virtual drive.

Step 4 – Clean The “Registry” Of Your PC

A “registry cleaner” is a central database which stores vital information & settings for your computer. Although this database is highly important, it’s continually causing a large number of errors on your system which can only be fixed by using a reliable registry cleaner program. This works to not only ensure that your computer is able to read all the settings that it requires to run, but will be able to install the programs that it needs as well. If you’re seeing any errors on your PC, it’s recommended that you use a registry cleaner program to scan through your system and fix the potential problems that your system may have.

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