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Google Redirect Virus Fix – Complete Removal Tutorial

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

The Google Redirect Virus is a very annoying infection which will continually send your search engine links to fake websites. Despite hiding away on your system, it’s continually going to be causing a large number of problems for you, which needs to be removed – which can be done by using the tutorial on this page. Here’s what you need to do to get rid of the virus from your PC…


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How To Remove System Tool 2011 From Your Computer

Monday, November 29th, 2010

System Tool 2011 Removal

What is System Tool 2011?

System Tool 2011 is a fake, malicious antivirus program that attempts to trick computer users into visiting their fake online sites and pay to download upgrades in order to clean supposed ?infections? from their computers.

This fake antivirus, known as malware, is installed on your computer via a trojan infection and will frustrate users by continually flashing up ?results? of system scans it has made, showing numerous infections on your hard drive. It also causes problems with other programs you have installed on your computer, blocking many of them from working. It will offer to fix these problems for you if you install upgrades from its website for a cost.

NEVER INSTALL ANY UPGRADES FROM SYSTEM TOOL 2011! ? This is a lie and will only cause more problems for your PC


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How To Remove Win7 Internet Security 2011 From Your Computer

Monday, November 29th, 2010

What is Win7 Internet Security 2011?

This is a common malware infection that masquerades as an antivirus program but is actually fake. Win7 Internet Security 2011 has been designed to appear like a legitimate antivirus program, but it actually doesn?t do a thing to help your computer. Instead, it causes all kinds of problems with your system.

Win7 Internet Security 2011 will show up with false scans showing a number of infections on your computer, it will ask you for money to download upgrades to clean your PC, it will shut down a number of other Windows programs and generally bug the hell out of you, rendering your PC unworkable.


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How To Remove System Defragmenter From Your Computer

Friday, November 26th, 2010

What is System Defragmenter?

System Defragmenter is one of the most common malicious fake antivirus programs around, one that has infected thousands of computers across the world. Despite the huge problems it causes, many people don?t realize what it is and end up buying the virus, thinking it can help them to fix their computer.

The way this virus works, it installs itself on your computer automatically and then continually shows up fake computer scan results, telling you that your computer has been infected by Trojans or spyware. It will then give you the option of buying an upgrade for the antivirus, in order to remove all of these infections from your PC. System Defragmenter also blocks many of the other programs on your computer, such as your genuine antivirus and many other Windows functions, and it will attempt to steal your personal data too.

Because System Defragmenter has been designed to make you think your computer has been infected, you will need to remove the program completely, which means deleting all of the files that it needs to run.


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How to Remove ?ThinkPoint? From Your Computer

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

What is ThinkPoint?

ThinkPoint is a malicious software program created by cyber criminals in order to lie to PC users and make them think that their computer has become infected with spyware or other viruses. In reality, ThinkPoint is not able to scan your PC and detect if you have any problems with your machine, because it is nothing more than a ?disguised? virus itself. ThinkPoint tries to exploit the security of your machine in order to gain access to your operating system files.

As soon as ThinkPoint infiltrates your PC, it will automatically pop up on your desktop, and begin interrupting the functionality of your computer through so-called ?Security Alerts? which will pop up in a new window with frustrating regularity. These alerts present the program as an authentic anti-virus that has scanned your computer and detected viruses on it, for instance an ?Unknown Win32/Trojan?. As well as this, ThinkPoint will claim that it is unable to remove some of these viruses because the heuristic module required is missing. ?Lucky? for you however, ThinkPoint is able to install these modules for a small fee of $90.


If this virus installs ielf onto your PC, not only will you waste money but you will leave your machine even more exposed. ThinkPoint could disconnect you from the internet, steal passwords or financial information, or even let more viruses get inside your system.


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